lördag 10 juni 2017

Burgundian dresses

Finished two of my Burgundian dresses for Double Wars.

This all hand sewn except that I had to zick zack the edges because of fraying. It's all silk from pure silks.


This completely hand sewn in green wool from Medeltidsmode and with real white rabbit fur as trims from Morgan Gustavsson in Borås. It is sewn with bleached linen thread that I have waxed before sewing. 


The last dress is made from a thin wool fabric and lined with linen. This to is all hand sewn and is designed to wear underneath the Burgundian dresses or by it self. 


fredag 9 juni 2017

The latest scrolls that I made

This is the scrolls I made for Double Wars

Making ink and paint

Have started to make my most popular ink Monastic ink today it will be finished in six days. 

Before that I made some new paint for my scroll illumination. Had got some pigments from Kremer Pigments 
Siri helped me sort the sea shells.